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Collection: World Instruments

Our collections of folk instruments from around the world
77 products
  • Slide Whistle Large Rosewood
    SKU: WHS402
  • Slide Whistle Small Rosewood
    SKU: WHS403
  • Mr Bones Musical Bones, Ebony, Pair
    SKU: BON023
  • Mr Bones Musical Bones, Tigerwood, Pair
    SKU: BON028
  • 6-hole Ceramic Soprano Seedpod Ocarina in C
    SKU: OCA227G
  • 6-hole Ceramic Sopranino Mini Sweet Potato Ocarina in G
    SKU: OCA230G
  • Parlor Pipes
    SKU: bag002
  • Practice Chanter, rosewood
    SKU: bag009
  • Highland Pipe Chanter Reed, Single Pakistan
    SKU: bag021sa
  • Reel Pipe Chanter Reed, Single Pakistan
    SKU: bag021sb
  • Practice Chanter Reed, Single Pakistan
    SKU: bag023s
  • Highland Pipes Full Size Bagpipes Kit, Rosewood with Case, Instructions, and More
    SKU: bag260
  • Hardwood Bones
    SKU: bon020
  • Austrian Jaw Harp
    SKU: jaw001
  • Vietnamese Danmoi Brass Jaw Harp
    SKU: jaw015
  • Large Danmoi Vietnamese Brass Jaw Harp
    SKU: jaw016
  • Nose Flute
    SKU: win103
  • Suling
    SKU: win191
  • Tiny Brass Jawharp by Master Bhupendra from Nepal
    SKU: JAW017
  • Set Of 4 Kouqin Jawharps
    SKU: JAWAC010