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Collection: World Instruments

Our collections of folk instruments from around the world
13 products
  • Slide Whistle Lotus Flute Large
    SKU: WHS401
  • Slide Whistle Small Rosewood
    SKU: WHS403
  • Slide Whistle Large Rosewood
    SKU: WHS402
  • Bird Whistle
    SKU: WHS451
  • Train Whistle
    SKU: WHS450
  • Nose Flute
    SKU: win103
  • Sliding Whistle Large
    SKU: WHS449
  • Slide Whistle Lotus Flute Medium
    SKU: WHS400
  • 3 Sound Samba Whistle Dark
    SKU: WHS407
  • 3 Sound Samba Whistle Light
    SKU: WHS408
  • Samba Whistle Traditional Apito
    SKU: WHS409
  • Samba Whistle
    SKU: WHS410
  • Piou Sound Effect
    SKU: WHS411