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Our guitars from Revival and Verano are some of the finest guitars available in their price range.
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  • Revival RG-8 Glossy Three-Quarter Size Mahogany Dreadnought Guitar
    SKU: RG-8
  • Verano VG-10 Spruce Mahogany Classical Guitar
    SKU: VG-104/4
  • Revival RG-25 Spruce top, Black Walnut Thin Body Guitar
    SKU: RG-25
  • Revival RG-26M Honduran Mahogany "00" Thin Body Guitar
    SKU: RG-26M
  • Revival RG-12 Spruce, Black Walnut Dreadnought Guitar
    SKU: RG-12
  • Revival RG-12CE Spruce, Black Walnut Dreadnought Cutaway Guitar
    SKU: RG-12CE
  • Revival RG-24 Glossy Solid Spruce, Black Walnut Dreadnought Guitar
    SKU: RG-24
  • Verano VG-18 Cedar Mahogany Classical Guitar
    SKU: VG-18
  • Revival RG-26 Mahogany "00" Thin Body Guitar
    SKU: RG-26
  • Revival RG-10
    SKU: RG-104/4
  • Revival RG-27 Sitka Spruce Mahogany Dreadnought Guitar
    SKU: RG-27
  • Revival Acoustic Bass Guitar, RB-12
    SKU: RB-12
  • Revival RG-10CE Spruce Mahogany Dreadnought Cutaway Guitar
    SKU: RG-10CE
  • Revival RG-24M Matte Solid Spruce Rosewood Dreadnought Guitar
    SKU: RG-24M
  • Revival RJ-200 Bubinga Jumbo Guitar
    SKU: RJ-200