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Harmonium 39 Keys, 3.5 Octaves

Harmonium 39 Keys, 3.5 Octaves

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This harmonium is a standard 3 1/4 octave harmonium with 39 keys. The harmonium houses 2 banks of reeds namely Male and Female. All the reeds are tuned to A440 Hz. The harmonium features 4 extra notes. The double bellows are suited for both Left and Right handed playing. The harmonium is a great instrument used in all forms of music. This harmonium is widely used for Kirtan, meditation, yoga and devotional purposes.

The Harmonium works on a similar principal to that of the accordion. The Harmonium has 2 basic and functional parts, the Reeds and the Air Bellows. The reed is the tone producer while the Air Bellows are the source for the air. The reeds are made of brass consisting of a frame and a metal tongue. This tongue moves between the metal frame to produce the tone. When the bellows are pumped, the air gets colletced into a compartment in the harmonium, This is then passed through a particular reed by opening a hole under it.