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Collection: Revival Acoustic Guitars

It all starts in San Francisco where every Revival guitar is designed with great
attention to details and deep respect for the past with aged wood, dovetail neck
joints, and forward x-bracing, We then work with some of the finest luthiers in the
world to make our vision a reality.

We like to think we are crafting the key to unlock the music inside you. As soon as
you play a Revival guitar, you will hear what we are talking about!

Revival Guitars…The rebirth of the guitar!

13 products
  • Revival RG-8 Glossy Three-Quarter Size Mahogany Dreadnought Guitar
    SKU: RG-8
  • Revival RG-25 Spruce top, Black Walnut Thin Body Guitar
    SKU: RG-25
  • Revival RG-26M Honduran Mahogany "00" Thin Body Guitar
    SKU: RG-26M
  • Revival RG-12 Spruce, Black Walnut Dreadnought Guitar
    SKU: RG-12
  • Revival RG-12CE Spruce, Black Walnut Dreadnought Cutaway Guitar
    SKU: RG-12CE
  • Revival RG-24 Glossy Solid Spruce, Black Walnut Dreadnought Guitar
    SKU: RG-24
  • Revival RG-26 Mahogany "00" Thin Body Guitar
    SKU: RG-26
  • Revival RG-10
    SKU: RG-104/4
  • Revival RG-27 Sitka Spruce Mahogany Dreadnought Guitar
    SKU: RG-27
  • Revival Acoustic Bass Guitar, RB-12
    SKU: RB-12
  • Revival RG-10CE Spruce Mahogany Dreadnought Cutaway Guitar
    SKU: RG-10CE
  • Revival RG-24M Matte Solid Spruce Rosewood Dreadnought Guitar
    SKU: RG-24M
  • Revival RJ-200 Bubinga Jumbo Guitar
    SKU: RJ-200